Two easy ways to check if One UI 6.1 brings AI features to your Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy AI 4

It’s finally happening: One UI 6.1 is no longer limited to a handful of year-old Galaxy flagships. Since the beginning of May, Samsung has released the One UI 6.1 update for many more devices, both flagship and mid-range devices.

As you may know, the features you get with One UI 6.1 depend on the device you own. Galaxy AI, the most interesting thing about the latest version of One UI, is only available for flagship smartphones and tablets launched in 2021.

Mid-range devices are not eligible for One UI 6.1 AI features, and even flagship devices launched before 2022 will lose virtually all Galaxy AI features. All they get is Circle to Search, which isn’t part of the Galaxy AI experience anyway, since it’s developed by Google and is also available on Pixel smartphones.

Samsung hasn’t been entirely clear about which devices support Galaxy AI and which don’t, but if you want to know if your Galaxy phone or tablet is in the former camp, there are two easy and decisive ways to check.

One UI 6.1 changelog mentions Galaxy AI right at the start

The easiest way to find out if One UI 6.1 brings Galaxy AI features to your phone or tablet is to simply check the changelog for the update once it’s available for download.

As mentioned earlier, Galaxy AI is the most interesting thing about One UI 6.1, so Samsung is making sure to start by detailing the Galaxy AI features before diving into the non-AI features and changes.

Samsung’s changelogs aren’t always 100% accurate – the company sometimes leaves some minor changes and improvements in the changelog even if they aren’t available on a specific device.

But for Galaxy AI, Samsung is more specific. As you can see above and below, the changelogs will clearly and precisely tell you which AI features will be available on your device after updating to One UI 6.1.

Note: For some mid-range devices, Samsung mentions “AI-based image editing tools” in the changelog, but that’s misleading. The AI ​​editing tools the company talks about, such as the ability to long-press an object or person in an image in the Gallery app and copy it to other apps or images, aren’t actually AI-based or use very basic AI algorithms. . All Galaxy AI features are much more advanced, and unless the changelog specifically uses the words Galaxy AI together, don’t expect your device to support any of its features.

You will find Advanced intelligence in your device settings

If your device is getting any major AI features other than Circle to Search, you’ll find Advanced intelligence (yes, Samsung calls it advanced intelligence instead of artificial intelligence) if you open the Settings app and go to Advanced features. In addition to explaining what the features do, this menu also allows you to enable and disable some of them.

This menu will be missing on devices that do not support Galaxy AI. It will also be missing on devices that only get a circle from Google in the search. To check if Circle to Search is available on your phone or tablet, simply long press the Home button (or the bottom center of the screen if you’re using gesture navigation). Alternatively, go to Settings » Display » Navigation bar and see if there is a Circle to Search list at the bottom.

A quick video demonstration of Galaxy AI features can be found in the tips menu in the settings

On devices that support Galaxy AI, if you go to Settings » Tips and User Guide after updating to One UI 6.1 you should see Advanced intelligence tab (see screenshots below). Clicking on this tab will take you to a list of all available AI features, and clicking on any feature will show a short video demonstration of how it works.

For more information on Galaxy AI and its many features, also watch the video below and visit the SamMobile YouTube channel for more One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI content.