M4 iPad Pro review praises OLED display; criticize price, software

Last week, Apple announced the next-generation iPad Pro with the M4 chip, which is now available for pre-order. While the company says the new iPads will officially launch on Wednesday, May 15, the press has already gotten their hands on the new iPad — and early reviews praise the new OLED display, but also criticize things like the price and software.

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The Verge the review says the new iPad is “the best kind of overkill.” The website notes that the OLED panel used by Apple provides “incredibly vivid” and “significantly brighter” colors. However, the review also questions whether the hardware upgrade was really necessary, as the iPad still uses a “locked-down, oversimplified operating system”.

For now, it’s just the iPad. I think the best iPad ever – maybe even the best iPad you could reasonably ask for. But the story of the iPad—the “magical glass pane,” as Apple likes to call it—is really all about the software. For years, the iPad’s software let the hardware down. Apple led us to believe that this was about to change, that this year’s WWDC would be a big turning point for AI and iPads and all. We’ll see. Until then, the iPad Pro is too good for its own good.

Other reviewers who also got a chance to try the M4 iPad Pro had similar opinions. Gizmodo he said the new iPad is “beautiful and powerful” but needs better software. The review also describes the new OLED display as “sharper, brighter and more colorful”. However, the rise in prices was seen as a disadvantage.

It’s much nicer than the previous version, and it should be, since it now costs $200 more than it did two years ago. It’s the closest thing to my favorite Apple device, much more so than my iPhone, but inevitably for day-to-day tasks I’ll have to reach for a Mac or PC first before considering this tablet.

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Engadget stated that the new iPad Pro is “very nice and so very expensive”. Once again, the OLED panel was praised, the higher price and the lack of accessory support for older iPads were pointed out.

But when I think realistically about what I need and what I can reasonably spend, I realize that the iPad Pro is just too much for me. Too expensive, too powerful, maybe a little too big (I really love the 11 inch model). If you’re in the same boat, then luckily there’s an iPad that offers almost everything the iPad Pro does for significantly less money.

Jason Snell complained about how iPadOS “remains essentially dumb” despite major hardware upgrades.

Apple’s hardware and chip teams are truly at the top of their game. The new M4 iPad Pro is an elegant board with concentrated computing power, tucked behind a spectacular OLED display. It comes with an impressively updated accessory package, which is fitting given that the iPad is partly defined by its ergonomic adaptability.

As it seems since the introduction of the first iPad Pro, the challenge is to balance the amazing hardware with the (relatively compared to macOS) limited flexibility of iPadOS and its app library. iPadOS has improved in many areas over the past few years, but it’s hard to come close to the speed at which Apple’s hardware designs seem to be moving.

Prices for the new iPad Pro start at $999 for the 11-inch version and $1,299 for the 13-inch version.

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