“I ditched the Dyson and found a shop selling £400 air purification fans for £179”

As we all know, British homes are designed to keep warm in winter, which means they can be difficult to cool down during late spring and summer. Luckily, we’ve found a deal that ensures every room in your home stays cool, even as the temperature outside continues to rise.

At Wowcher, customers can pick up a refurbished £249 Dyson fan and cleaner for just £179, offering a total incredible saving of around £80. The deal is even better than it sounds, but if you were to pick it up on the Dyson website it would set you back a cool £399.99.

The Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Desk Fan has been designed to cool your room while purifying the air, capturing 99.95% of ultra-fine particles using the innovative Dyson Multiplier technology. The fan oscillates up to 350° for the perfect cooling experience, plus you can set a sleep timer and enjoy a night mode that ensures you stay at the perfect temperature all night long.

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The fan is easy to use and comes with a remote control and voice control functions, meaning you don’t have to get up to change settings. It also comes with low-maintenance, easy-to-change filters with built-in alerts to let you know when they need to be replaced.

You can also pick up the Dyson pure Cool TP00 Purifying Tower Fan at Wowcher for £279, down from £399.99. The refurbished device uses Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology to circulate a cool breeze around the room while drawing pollutants into the fan, removing up to 99.95% of particles from the air.

Although there are no reviews of the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Desk Fan on Wowcher, it has received an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of five on the Dyson site. One shopper said: “Absolutely great, nice cool breeze of purified air. My son has one in his room now. Nice to look at, small footprint. Quiet so doesn’t scare the cats.”

Shoppers can pick up the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Desk Fan for £80 off at Wowcher(Image: Wowcher)

Another wrote: “I’m very impressed with the Dyson. I have a warm and cold version but I just wanted cold air in the bedroom. I like the timer function and also the magnetic earpiece. It’s very useful. It’s also very light and easy to pick up and move.” “

A third wrote: “We wanted something to cool down our living room when the afternoon and evening sun hits it and it’s unbearable to sit in. What a joy it is. Another benefit is that it cleans the air, making it nice and cool to sit. well recommended”

“Great quiet fan,” mentioned another. “I bought this fan because I haven’t been able to sleep well in the warm weather we’ve had recently. My previous fan was very loud when running even on a very low setting, but this fan is much quieter and does a great job of cooling my Ma very simple and user friendly to use and I love that the remote is magnetic so it can be attached to the fan so you don’t have to look for it.”

The Dyson Bladeless Desk Fan is highly rated by shoppers(Image: Wowcher)

However, one person rated the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Desk Fan two stars because it has a “nice design but disappointing performance.” They wrote: “Nice design, unfortunately airflow and cooling effect is no better than any standard fan. Price over performance not worth it.”

However, another loved their latest purchase, adding: “A work of art that is beautiful even if it is not functional. It runs almost silently on low fan settings. The filtration system is a standout for me. Being a Dyson product it is perfectly constructed and feels robust. The handling is incredibly easy and the magnetically attached remote control is an ingeniously useful feature, overall a well-built, quiet fan with an air-cleaning filter that is a beautiful piece of modern art.

Elsewhere, the PureMate Tower Fan, which oscillates with an air purifier, has been reduced by more than 20% to £69.99 from £89.99 on Amazon. Or the Meaco Arete Dehumidifier and Air Purifier 20L is available on special offer at John Lewis for £259.99.